Operations & Maintenance


The Operations & Maintenance of the N11/M11 is delivered through the BAM PPP Contract. The National Roads Authority awarded the Contract in 2013 to BAM PPP, which will Operate and Maintain the Motorway until 2040.

BAM Civil is The Operator and operates the length of the N11/M11 from just north of Junction 18 Beehive Junction to approximately 2 kilometers north of Clogh Roundabout – this is approximately 96 kilometers of carriageway in total.

The Operational and Maintenance contract comprises of the main carriageway, the underbridges, the on & off ramps, which is a total of 96 km of carriageway and approximately 24 km of slip roads. BAM Civil obligations include routine, cyclical and major maintenance of the road as well as winter maintenance and traffic management.

The Winter Maintenance contract covers the following; the main carriageway, the six separated junctions, Juction 18 Beehive Interchange, Junction 19 Jack Whites Junction, Junction 20 Arklow North Interchange Overbridge, Junction 21 Arklow South Interchange Underbridge, Junction 22 Gorey North Interchange (Tinnock Interchange Overbridge), Junction 23 Gorey Central Interchange Overbridge (Raheenagureen Overbridge) and Clogh roundabout.

Additionally, BAM Civil provides an Emergency Response and Vehicle Recovery Service on the M11.

The 24 hour emergency hotline is 1800 989 090.


N11/M11 Motorway Information Notice

BAM Contractors on behalf of N11 Arklow Rathnew PPP Ltd is responsible for the Operation and Maintenance of the M11 Project Road which extends from north of the Beehive Junction (Junction 18) in County Wicklow southwards including the merge and diverge ramps (excluding the diverge ramp southbound to Junction 18) to 2km North of Clogh roundabout in Co. Wexford, a distance of approximately 48km.

It is the responsibility of BAM Contractors to provide Winter Maintenance cover for the 2015/2016 season so as to minimise the impact of adverse weather conditions on this section of the network as far as reasonably practicable. For the 2015/2016 season, BAM Contractors is also responsible for the Winter Maintenance of the motorway from the end of the Project Road to the Clogh Roundabout south of Gorey.

A Winter Maintenance Strategy 2015/2016 sets out the arrangements for all aspects of Winter Maintenance.
This document is available for inspection by third parties at the M11 site offices situated adjacent to Jack Whites interchange, Co Wicklow.

Tel : 0404 34625

Website : www.n7n11.ie


Operation and Maintenance Contract

Traffic management will be in place for grass cutting, litter picking and emergency works as required.

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Our Winter Maintenance program has commenced from north of the Clough Roundabout to the north of Junction 18 Beehive Junction.

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